You only looked away from the screen for a moment, and now it looks like you’ve overshot your landing site. It’s hard to make out anything in this sandstorm. Finally, you find a place to put down the shuttle. You open the pod’s bay doors and see only sand dunes. Where are you?

It can be the best feeling, or it can be the worst feeling: you strayed from the path and now you’re lost. No idea where you are. How did you get here? What happened to get you lost? How do you feel? Did you get lost by accident, or was this on purpose? Are you lost on your own, or are you wandering around in a group?

Also – getting lost need not only mean jumbling your physical coordinates. You can be lost in thought. You can be lost in time. You can feel like you’re losing yourself. How will you be found again?

What stories do you know where the inciting incident was someone getting lost?

How could someone get lost on your planet?