“It is one of the rings,” Orlok whispers. “What rings?” you ask. “Time rings,” Orlok replies quietly, “here for a long time. Since before Orloks. You travel. Not to a place. You stay on Orkeen. But Orkeen long ago.” You gaze up at the massive structure, trying to make out the markings on the dial. Then, compelled by impulse, you step through the black gate. “Nooo!” you hear Orlok’s voice yell behind you, “Noooo!”

Do you sometimes wish that you could get a sneak peek of the future? Or visit ancient cultures? Well, here’s your chance!

How did you travel across time? Did you make a device? Or find one? Did you slingshot your spaceship around a black hole? Or did you meet an alien time traveler?

What new vistas and people did you see? How did it change you? Or the people you encountered?

What stories do you know where the inciting incident was time travel?

How could you include time travel on your planet?