Your field trip was going so well. The sample kit is full of amazing specimens, your sketchbook is filled with notes. But now you’re crouching in a gully with your heart racing. That thing you saw. Those glowing eyes. Those dripping tentacles. It looked… hungry. This expedition may not end well.

What dangers may be lurking on your planet? When we think of predators, sharp fangs, long claws, and pointy beaks spring to mind. But predators can also be tiny: think of army ants, wasps, or microbes. Even plants can be predators, like the Venus Flytrap.

If you encountered a predator, what would you do? Stand your ground and fight? Run away? Try to trap it? Strike a deal? What would the predator do?

What stories do you know where the inciting incident was encountering a predator?

What kind of predator could you encounter on your planet?