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There is a wealth of information that exists on the internet about exoplanets, astrobiology, weird creatures, and art-making practices such as concept art, story writing, and Foley art. Browse through the inspiration resources for videos and reading suggestions that will get your creative engines roaring!


Did you know that it rains diamonds on Saturn? Want to take a tour of real exoplanets? Interested in a tour of Earth’s most alien-looking environments? Then take a trip to the WORLD inspiration section:
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What if there was a museum that contained every type of life form in the universe? Are there organisms on our own planet that appear to be alien? What is astrobiology anyway? You’ll find lots of inspiration in the LIFE section:
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Sci-fi writing and painting tips, How-to videos for art making, stories about cool artists, stop-animation tricks, AI-generated art, data-driven music – you’ll find all of it and more in the STORY section. Dive right in!
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