You arrive at the fabrication lounge, ready to finish your work on the nuvrolite crystal ring when you notice the shards crunching underneath your feet. Your workspace is covered in bright orange powder, covering all your tools. A circular mound of crystal salt sits on the carving pad. What happened?

There are so many ways to break something. You can burn it, soak it, shatter it, melt it, tear it apart. Sometimes, the destruction is necessary. Sometimes, it’s a tragedy. What has been destroyed in your story? A piece of technology, an artifact, a message, a field sample? Or is it something bigger, like an environment, or even a whole planet? Why? Who did it? Was it deliberate or an accident?

You can also destroy something less tangible, like a dream, an ambition, or an idea.

What stories do you know where the inciting incident was the destruction of something?

What could be destroyed on your planet?