INSPIRATION: Story – Artist Showcase

Here is a small selection of amazing artists who work at the intersection of art and science

Katie Paterson Interview: A Trampoline for the Imagination
Louisiana Channel
Scottish artist Katie Paterson – widely regarded as one of the leading artists of her generation – presents two intriguing projects, which pay tribute to the Moon.

Rachel Sussman: The world’s oldest living things
Rachel Sussman shows photographs of the world’s oldest continuously living organisms – they are at minimum 2,000 years old!

Space Art – Trial and Error in Art & Science / Xin Liu
Ars Electronica
Xin Liu is an artist and researcher whose practices range from performances, apparatus, installations to scientific experiments and academic papers.

Laughinspace… (Eyal Gever, artist) I DLD 16
DLD Conference
Eyal Gever artpieces combine 3D-printing and coding. In this video he talks about his experience working with NASA and his latest project bringing “laughter into space”.

Artist Depiction by Rick Guidice
A conversation with space artist Rick Guidice about his life and work.

Ron Miller: What’s it like on the surface of our solar system’s many moons?
SETI Institute
Ron Miller discusses the myriad of stunning worlds that circle our sister planets and the chances of extraterrestrial life developing on these alien terrains.

Brittany Nelson: 10,000 Light Years From Home
SETI Institute
Brittany Nelson discusses how she uses 19th century photographic chemistry techniques to address themes of queer and feminist science fiction.

Exotopia: Where Sci-Fi meets Exoplanet Research
SETI Institute
Discover the online story-telling experience Exotopia, which combines exoplanet research, science fiction, and AI art.