INSPIRATION: Story – Perform

Drama queens – this is your inspiration station!

What is Radio Drama? // The 4 Elements of Radio
Drama Dan
Dan explains the elements of Radio Drama and explores how a performance is put together.

Radio Mystery Hour Mayhem
Studio C
This live performance of a classic radio drama gets off to a great start – and then things go hilariously wrong.

Become a slam poet in five steps – Gayle Danley
Gayle Danley offers five steps to being a slam poet — while being downright poetic in the process.

‘Feathers of Fire’: Spectacular Shadow Play
A 10th century Persian tale of star-crossed lovers is the basis for a stunning production of shadow theatre.

Cinematic Shadow Puppets with Sam Jay Gold
Kennedy Center Education Digital Learning
Join teaching artist Sam Jay Gold into the darkness…to create shadow puppets.

Ambient Machine # 1 (DIY NoiseBox)
The noise box is amplified by a large piezoelectric sensor that picks up sounds from some old springs, bass guitar strings, etc, creating eerie music.