Imagine Aliens - Loud

There are so few of you on this world. Which is fine, you love having a huge territory all to yourself. Only – the sun is rising high in the sky and you know it’s time to find a mate. You’ll need to make yourself heard, so others know where you are. You take a deep breath…

Sometimes, it’s essential to be loud. Like, when you need to drown out the chatter around you. Or when you need to communicate over long distances. Or, you know, just to impress.

Of course, for soundwaves to travel, you’ll need a medium like air or water. In fact, water is an excellent medium for sound. But what if your planet doesn’t have either one? Well, sound travels through other media as well. Like rock, for example. Or, if you want to get technological, wires will do the trick. If you have a large enough transmitter, anyone with a receiver will be able to pick up your call. You could even transform sound into visual forms.

How will you get loud?