Imagine Aliens - Metamorphosis

You are dreaming of your past life as your body turns to slime. To the outside world you look like a rock, but inside your cocoon, you are transforming into something entirely new. Which songs will you remember? Which memories will be lost?

Metamorphosis is different than standard growth. Yes, you’re getting bigger, but you’re also living through distinct stages of life looking and behaving completely differently. You may have legs in one stage, and wings in the next. You may live on the ground and then move into a tree. You may eat everything in sight and then not eat at all.

The advantage of such a dramatic transformation is that each stage of your existence is perfectly adapted to your changing needs. Early in your life, you may be vulnerable and need shelter. Later on, all you may need to do is grow. And finally, you may be looking for a mate.

What drives you? What do you need to change?