Imagine Aliens - Networked

Oh, hello. Who are you? Would you like to join our group? Let’s see… yep, looks like you’re sufficiently similar to us. And you have some information to share? Wonderful. We’ll add your distinctiveness to our own.

It’s better to be connected. Whether you’re exchanging information or food, a network is a fantastic way to stay alive – and thrive. From ant colonies to language networks, establishing a system of linked participants can give you an advantage.

However, there are rules. If the individuals are too varied, the system becomes incoherent and may dissolve. On the other hand, if everyone is too alike, the system won’t be able to grow and adapt.

Your network could spread across an entire planet’s surface or be contained in the wires of a tiny computer chip. What kind of network are you going to create?

Here are a few ideas to get you going.